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ABK Global Trading Corporation is a Canadian based company founded in 2021 during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. After witnessing vast amounts of supply shortages during the pandemic, we took it upon ourselves to provide a solution.


As such, at ABK Global Trading Corporation, our passion is to work with manufacturers and suppliers, striving to provide them with growth opportunities by connecting them to distributors, retailers and customers around the world.


With that in mind, we embarked on a search for reliable manufacturers and suppliers across the globe. Finally, after months of consulting, we partnered up with a variety of clients that we thought would best help us to achieve our goals.


As a result of this partnership, we have invested ourselves into the world of E-Commerce, developing a strong presence on Amazon where we have access to markets located in North America, The European Union, The UK, Australia and Japan. Today, we have an extremely diverse portfolio with over 10,000 products in each of our stores.


With our success in the world of E-Commerce, we were able to begin looking at other business avenues, such as our brand of fruits and vegetables: Eden’s Pick.

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